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victor sette games
solo developer based on São Paulo, Brazil.

Release Date:
January 1st, 2020 (Arcade Version: Newgrounds, Itch, Game Jolt & Crazy Games); February 14, 2020 (Story Version: YouTube); June 22, 2020 (Complete Edition: Steam, Itch & Game Jolt).

Game Jolt


Regular Price (Complete Edition):
Steam: $2.99
Itch: $2.99
Game Jolt: $2.99


Relic Guardians is divided in three main versions: Arcade Version, Story Version and Complete Edition.
Arcade Version is a free HTML5 game in which you can play the entire Arcade Mode (you can even finish the game), but you'll have only 4 characters and no ending scenes.
Story Version is a free web series hosted on YouTube as short episodes. It was programmed like a visual novel, recorded and dubbed over it. Everyone can see the entire story through it.
Complete Edition is a compilation of both modes (Arcade and Story) in a single game plus extra features. Now in Arcade mode the player will be able to play as 7 characters and to unlock ending scenes based on the character played. And in Story mode the player will be able to actually control the battles of the story and encounter two entirely new scenes plus what if scenarios based on how the battles play out.

Whichever the mode the player will play, Relic Guardians is about characters called "Guardians of Time" who must protect the Earth-1 from enemies and monsters who wish to destroy the natural order of time and space. These characters must collect the Relics of Time before the villains do and then stop the opposing force.
And to do that, they'll battle turn-based encounters with enemies based on the classic rock, paper and scissors game. But they'll use attack, defense and special instead. In Arcade Mode the player will run against the clock to get a good ranking and in Story Mode the player will enjoy the character scenes between fights with no rush whatsoever.


Arcade Mode

  • Highly Experimental Mechanics - Explore Earth-1 by randomly selecting a time and place. Each run is a new experience;

  • Play with 7 Different Characters - Each character is unique in its own way. Try different characters;

  • Rock, Paper and Scissors Battles - Every action has a reaction, so choose wisely;

  • Plenty of Items! - If you still think the battle system is very much based on luck, try to use the items to change your fate;

  • Collect relics and defeat bosses - Defeating all bosses can be a difficult task, but don't give up;

  • Play Again and Again! - This mode was made to be highly replayable, you can unlock new characters and endings for them!

Story Mode

  • Linear Story - This is a mode full of scenes with a LOT of text, but if you like it, there is a cool story here;

  • Interactive Fights - Between scenes you'll find fights in which YOU decide how they are resolved;

  • Bonus Scenes - And depending on how you fight, you may or may not see new scenes, so even the story is replayable;

  • Battle Visual Novel - I must repeat: there is a LOT of text! Even with some fights, the focus in this mode is to give you the story of these characters, so please feel free to enjoy it!


Relic Guardians was made for the first time when I was 11 years old. I'm serious. I developed an RPG based on 6 characters (made out of Dragon Ball Z stickers) with the same names they have now. It was a pen & paper guide I wrote back in the day.
When I found this old dusty paper game in 2018, I was hit by a strong nostalgia and decided to remake it and make it work. I changed the battle system entirely to be fun, balanced and replayable. But the navigation method is mostly the same, you select your character, roll for the stage, battle an enemy and get their relic. You then unlock bosses, defeat them and eventually finish the game with each character.

In 4 months of development I had the first alpha build for the Arcade Mode. Then I decided to write a story for those characters because their design were growing on me. The story took a lot of time to complete (mostly because of the scenes I had to draw by myself), but I used the spare time to tweak and fix the Arcade Mode.
After the first release on Newgrounds I've received a lot of feedback for the Arcade Mode and was motivated to compile everything in a single package to finally release something on Steam for the first time. The nature of the game doesn't fit with hardcore gamers, it's better suited for casual play on web and smartphones, but I wanted to try it.

History is still being written right now.


Complete Edition Trailer

Story Version Trailer

Arcade Version Trailer

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About victor sette games

I'm a solo developer who values short but packed and replayable experiences.
Relic Guardians is my first official and commercial project. I hope to expand new series of games in the future.
My main influences are Power Rangers, Mega Man, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, RPGs and roguelikes.

Relic Guardians Credits

Victor "Sette" Galvão Magalhães
Founder, Developer, Artist, Designer

Souichi Sakagami (Trial & Error)
Battle and Miscellaneous Soundtrack

Gary Arnold & Juan Mares
Stages Soundtrack

Jesús "Jalastram" Lastra
Sound Effects